Friday, January 8, 2016


Tonight, with the stress level high in my body, I just knew that I had to take myself out "for an airing"! I'm so glad I did!

Pain, stiffness, tension, tightness, and constricted breathing are mirrors, revealing how we allow our thoughts to obstruct our life force from flowing freely and easily through our bodies. I was having "one of those days", and no matter how much I wanted to do yoga, go to Santa Monica College track, jump rope, or some other variation on the theme, I could not seem to get a pocket of time to do that.

Finally, at 11:00 P.M., it happened! Time for me! There is an area in Santa Monica that comprises several long streets that are very spacious, are safe, are free of traffic at night, and have beautiful nighttime skies. I happily put on my walking/jogging shoes, my leggings, and my jacket (as the weather has been very brisk lately), jumped in my car, and drove to "my spot".

I got out of my car, and began walking briskly, beginning at my usual starting point. From one end to the other and back again, it takes about 20 minutes. I did one round of that along my usual street, and then walked over to the next block, doing the same "circuit" along the next parallel long row of streets, from one end to the other. As I walked, I started to naturally move and rotate my shoulders, first in one direction, and then the other. Next, my arms naturally raised up at my sides, like airplane wings, rotating first in one direction, and then in the other, making big, open circles. My breathing became slower and deeper, and I started to look up and gaze in wonder at the beautiful nighttime sky. This moment reminded me of why I left New York city back in 1993. I had been so starved for nature, and wanted easy accessibility to her.

The tension just seemed to drain out of me, and as I walked, spun my arms, and gazed up at the stars, a chant started to express itself with the words, "I am the daughter of the universe, and my birthright is boundless abundance. I am the daughter of the most high, and my inheritance is boundless abundance". Over and over, the words easily flowed from me, and I was enveloped with the feeling of a warm hug, the sky and stars surrounding me in their embrace.

I got back in my car, 40 minutes later, totally renewed, in an altered state of consciousness. Again, just another reminder that "Health Is An Inside Job"! Indeed, "life is an inside job"!