Wednesday, February 12, 2014


If you are waging war against disease, you are fighting a losing battle! Why? Because, as Florence Nightingale said,

"There are no specific diseases; only specific disease conditions".

Health is an inside job, because whether we succumb to disease or maintain health, it is due to the internal environment in our bodies. It is predicated upon whether we have accumulated toxins in our cells and organs, congesting them, causing inflammation, and impeding their function. Our health is determined by the chemistry of the blood, and whether we are veering away from the alkalinity that our blood needs to maintain. It is influenced by our supply of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential oils and fatty acids, phytonutrients, and beneficial microflora in our digestive tract. The quality and types of proteins and carbohydrates that we ingest are crucial to our health. Our level of oxygen, or lack, thereof, can inhibit, or grow, cancer cells.

All of these factors comprise our "biological terrain". We have an inner landscape, much like the farmer, who needs to cultivate his/her land. Depending upon the conditions we create, knowingly or unknowingly, we will reap health or disease.

The days of feeling like vulnerable victims, at the mercy of viruses, bacteria, germs, cancer cells, and other pathogenic organisms that just randomly "jump into" our bodies, are gone! We realize that by consciously making choices every day to both cleanse and detoxify our bodies, as well as to nourish and replenish them, we become our own doctors. We create conditions that are unfavorable to destructive organisms; in essence, we become unfriendly hosts to disease. When we learn to cultivate and lovingly tend our "biological terrain", we will indeed experience "empowered health"!

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